Videos are most effective when they use dynamic, high-quality footage to tell a compelling, masterfully-crafted story. At RO NEW YORK, we use our resources to concept, develop, edit and produce the most meaningful videos for our brands, allowing customers to peer behind the curtain and get to know them on a new level.


Video is arguably the most dynamic medium for storytelling in a client’s branding toolkit. Whether they’re short or long, videos allow a brand to clearly deliver a message and establish an impactful, personal presence. At RO NEW YORK, we understand the power of video and develop concepts for our brands that efficiently communicate the intended message while also capturing the hearts and minds of viewers.


It is nearly impossible to create a strong, impactful video without a beautifully written script. At RO NEW YORK, we write compelling scripts for our clients that convey their communication points while also relating to the viewers in a positive, memorable way.


Complementary to copywriting, art direction translates the video’s desired message and brings it to life visually. After establishing the script, we storyboard each video, incorporating stunning imagery from a brand’s existing footage and stock sources. We indicate where we would need to shoot new footage as well.


To ensure that we produce a video that is high-quality and professional, we assemble the best-of-the-best in the business. We curate a film crew, stylists, hair and makeup crew, editors, and, of course, cast to make the vision of the video a reality, all working together on set to ensure consistency.

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