Brand Strategy

As a branding agency, RO NEW YORK is responsible for creating unique visual and verbal identities for long-term success, and for defining rules and guidelines on how, what, where, when and to whom you communicate your brand messages. We do this strategically, finding the market white spaces our clients can occupy while remaining true to their mission and aesthetic.


An effective brand positioning strategy, which determines the space a brand occupies in the market and what consumers think about the brand, maximizes value. At RO NEW YORK, we look for the white space in every market and develop innovative, unique strategies to help our clients own it.


A brand’s DNA is its heartbeat, and its story is how it shares this heartbeat with the world. At RO NEW YORK, we help brands discover their core, inherent DNA tenets and translate them into a brand story that is both compelling and marketable. A brand’s story, when told well, helps establish a strong business foundation and genuine connection with customers.


Having a brand voice powerful enough to cut through the clutter is a major asset for any brand. At RO NEW YORK, we are expert brand whisperers, listening to the most important parts of a brand’s personality to craft a voice full of strength and truth. We create a brand lexicon of key words that describe what you do, how you do it and who you do it for and incorporate these words into all communications for consistency.


A brand’s logo is more than just cool typography or an icon – it’s one of its most important communication touch points. When designed well, it communicates who a brand is and what it stands for, and evokes a positive emotion. At RO NEW YORK, we explore a variety of typographical and color combinations and arrangements to design meaningful, tasteful logos for our brands.


At RO NEW YORK, we establish typography guidelines for our brands to ensure a unified message and create familiarity. We define the fonts that best represent each brand’s aesthetic while accounting for scalability and, of course, legibility.


A brand’s color palette is one of the first things customers associate with its identity, so it is essential to establish color codes that elicit a positive response. At RO NEW YORK, we carefully select colors for each of our brands that express its personality and can be incorporated across all media for a cohesive identity.


High quality photos are critical to creating genuine and authentic communications. At RO NEW YORK, we both commission photoshoots and pull the best stock photography to create visual impact and effectively showcase what our brands stand for.

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